About Us

Reploid, it’s about you


Finance is a numbers game. When the numbers like you, you win. When they don’t, you lose. So let’s have a few numbers.


The global forex trading market

$1.93 Quadrillion 

The daily trade volume 

$6.6 Trillion

Number of active traders 

9.6 Million


Large, aren’t they? Here’s another large one: 90%. 90% of all traders lose money. That’s suspiciously large. In a zero-sum game, shouldn’t it be 50-50? Surely in a market where 9.6 million people trade $6.6 trillion every day, shouldn’t it be about even? Statistically: yes! Really, well, we’ve seen what happens. Of course, it gets worse. Only 2% of all traders can consistently turn a profit. All this for a simple truth: YOU are not supposed to win. The 2% is composed of the big fish. These guys aren’t your average trader. Whales with portfolios worth more than millions are your institutional traders. They have the advantage over retail traders on any day. Starting with immense capital to trade with, to establishing liquidity providers of their own, these guys have got it all. Even when they drop the ball, they still make money, while our average trader who's looking for a stable income source gets left with scraps, paying extra commissions to brokers and taking every hit sent their way.


The 1.93 quadrillions didn’t appear out of thin air. Every cent you lose goes to them. It’s been this way for decades. That’s where we come in: Reploid was created with the sole purpose of putting the money where it began: In the hands of the people. We’re the 2% that knows what’s up. Even the smallest capital investors can join up and cleanly profit on accounts managed by our expert advisors. Our responsibility is towards you, to protect your right to financial freedom.

Trust us; you’re making more than we are.


 This is a financial revolution. You’re just in time.


Will this turn my $100 to $1M?


Dream big they say. Dream. We like to keep it a bit real here. So the $100 to $1M? Not likely. Now, we do HAVE strategies that will turn 100$ into a million, but those are test accounts and have a drawdown close to 100%. They demonstrate our potential. They survive through our precise planning. A carefully optimized gamble. It works until it doesn't.


Shall I retire next week?


Some people are genuinely passionate about starving to death, aren't they? It's a rough number, but 15-20% monthly profit is what you might want to expect. But hey, if you think you might make a living off that, it's your call. We can't advise you either way.


This looks too good to be true. Is this a scam?

Yup, it is a scam. No, maybe that's too direct. This is going to be trouble. There's going to be commotion, anxiety, stress, and great grief on their 50th-floor offices. They'll have sweaty palms when they see money going from their account into yours! Oh, you meant we would scam you? Hell no! But just don’t take our word for it!


Can you sell me the Expert Advisor?

No. Here's why- Expert Advisors use strictly technical signals to enter into trades. The problem is that forex robots and their pre-wired thinking do not compensate for ever-changing market conditions. Thus we constantly need to optimize our EAs for the dynamic market behavior. Now which sounds more convenient? Letting us manage your account with our EAs or setting up a new update of the EAs almost daily?


Where are the results from real accounts?

We know how this conversation goes. Almost every account management and expert advisor service out there needs to show some screenshots with blue results with the real account tag included within. We don't need to do that here. There's a lot of work put here and we don't feel the need to desperately convince you about our authenticity. We are friendly folks, just like you with the same intentions in this multi-trillion dollar market. Talk to us if you feel skeptical, understand our trading style, you can absolutely cancel at anytime. If you like the results on your OWN account (rather than those IG screenshots) continue using our almost free services, or leave with no strings attached. 


”Almost free service?” What's in it for you? 


If you follow our instructions and practice a little patience, there will be no reason to come out of pocket for the services provided. We make money with you, not off you. There's some things in life that can't be bought with money, and our goal is one of them. 


If you really have such good systems, why share it?


We want to. For us it's not all about the money. We've got a cause beyond burning clients with subscription fees. We don't even make money off of you. We directly plunder the whales feasting at the exchange.  Call us radicals, but we're in it to win it. More about that in our vision.


Last question, do you work with the market makers?


Nope. We’re way too busy.

On a more serious note, even if we might have convinced you that our forex account trading tools is the best bet for you in this world of forex, it actually isn't.

Although we are very happy and eager to help you start making profits, it's a fraction of our goals. Learning to actually trade is the only way to go. The more number of people who trade forex successfully, the closer we get to our goal at Reploid.

But don't worry! We've got you covered. Just sign up for our $10,000 elite forex trading program here and start making millions on your own!


Hah, Gotcha! Impatient are we?!


Now although we aren't teachers, we are still working on an absolutely killer forex trading course for everyone to benefit from.


This is a financial revolution, after all. 


If you are a beginner and wish to get started, our friends at GLFX have got the most beginner friendly guide into the world of forex. Catch them here


They will take your trading to the next level and comes with a community of growing traders at an amazing academy